Monday, September 24, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

On Writing

I've got a ton of things to write about following up to my Literary New England vacation but first, I've got to tell you about my most important news....writing!

So it turns out that visiting the homes and burial sites of some of America's greatest writers is really inspirational.  In fact, it inspired me to read Stephen King's "On Writing."  I'm 80% of the way through and I have flown through the book so fast.  Initial comments are this -- Stephen King and me.... well, we think a whole lot a like.  In fact, I can even relate to a lot of his initial attempts at writing down to the short stories I started writing and submitting around age 7. 

Suddenly, I have the desire to pull out all my old stories, even the ones written at my now daughter's age.... "The Joyful Small Cafe," "Brigindale and Picklewell, " and one I can't recall the name of but I submitted to a Madeline L'Engle writing contest in 3rd grade, I think.  I want to recall those stories and how hopeful I was at one time to be a real writer.  I want to give my self some credit... I wasn't completely horrible, especially as I got older.  I want to find the drafts of the various novel starts and short stories I've written in the last 15 years and sit with them. 

And then, I want to write something new.  I want to write like I haven't wanted to write in a long time.  I know it's going to take discipline and dedication but when I truly step away and think about what I want to be remembered for, it's this:  I want to write something that impacts other's lives.  I think all the time about how I play therapist to my friends and family but I think I could really do more in writing.  And I observe a lot of people, I'm a watcher.  Sometimes I think the only way I really will be heard is by writing it down.

Tomorrow I return back to the real world but I'm ready to set my limits and deliver only what I humanly can within a 40 hour work week and then I'm devoting the rest of my time to the things I want to do... like writing.