Hi.  Welcome to Slow As The South! 

I am a forty-something midwest girl who has a serious obsession with the South.  I am married to my best friend, Josh.  We have two daughters, Tori & Penny, two ornery basset hounds named Mable and Molly, and a prince of a cat named Grimm.

I have a BA in English Language & Literature and a MS in Management Information Systems.  I work in the field of Information Technology focused on Cybersecurity.  I enjoy what I do but I also like having a personal life too.

I love to read, write, craft, bake, listen to music and travel... especially to the South.   In fact, most of my hobbies have a southern flair. I lead a ketogenic lifestyle and often talk about low-carb recipes and meal ideas as well as weight-loss attributed to living a keto lifestyle.  I also am the local free therapist to friends, co-workers, and sometimes complete strangers... I totally missed my calling as a counselor.

As I get older, I find I have less and less time to do things I love and realize that there is more to life than getting ahead and climbing the corporate ladder.  When I came up with the idea of starting a blog, I wanted to write about something that brought me complete & utter happiness: slow living and the South.  There is nothing like slowing down to read a good book, creating a gift with my own two hands or baking something for my family and friends. 

This blog is my journey to creating a more fulfilling life by incorporating more of the things I love into my day to day life and slowing down to enjoy the ride... not the hurry to get to the end.

Current Obsessions:  Dapper animals, Southern Living, Supernatural things, Botanical styles, Tea (hot and cold) especially Chai, Traveling to foreign places, Succulents, Paper crafting, Cross Stitching, Lisa Frank, the 80's, Low-carb cooking, all things French, Kawaii and Japanese Pop Culture, Detective Shows on Investigation Discovery, Reading just about anything, Minimizing my stuff, Organization (my home, my mind, my life), Zen Living, Feminism, Owls, Octopus, Whales, Rocks and Minerals, the Beach, and DIY's for my home.

The content posted on Slow As The South is my opinion and does not reflect the opinions of my employer or anyone else for that matter. Products and services featured are things I like and purchased myself unless explicitly stated otherwise. 

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