Tuesday, January 1, 2019


2018.... what can I say?  I'm so utterly thrilled that you are over.  2018 was not a great year at my house.  The loss of family and pets, some health issues in my family, the political climate, my inability to stay keto, etc. all made this last year one of our most difficult to date.

We lost two of Josh's grandparents last year in addition to our cat, Grimm, and dog, Molly.  Not a good year at all...

We did have some good things happen that I can't dismiss.

We took a family vacation to Oahu, Hawaii.  It was a great trip and found out that we really liked Hawaii.  None of us would complain about going back.  Or eating more Poke.

Josh & I managed to get away to celebrate our 8 year anniversary by traveling to Fort Lauderdale and then Key West.  The big surprise the Challenger rental car that he drove around for a week.  We also managed to see Phil Collins in concert, which was on our bucket list.

We also saw Smashing Pumpkins and America in concert.

I read a ton this year, 40 books to be exact.  Not a small amount of books but has definitely set me for a bigger challenge in 2019.

We paid off the PMI on our house.  This was a financial goal I had to get done in the next 2 years but we were able to do so earlier.  No more wasted money going to PMI.  Our IRA on the other hand... well I think we all know the stock market has been big disappointment in 2018.

There were Halloween dances (with dates), band concerts, choir concerts, girls going to movies by themselves, more sleepovers, checking out magnet high schools, honor's assemblies, more travel for work, many vet appointments, moving into a new office building for work (mostly impacting Josh), and just getting on with life.

I didn't do near the writing that I had hoped to this year.

I didn't finish cross stitch projects that I started.

I spent too much time thinking about my job.... not a good sign.

It felt like a year of fewer accomplishments and more just about getting through.  I suppose that's how some years just have to go.

Like last year, I wanted to share my favorites of the year of 2018:

Book:  The Sea of Tranquility: A Novel by Katja Millay

Music: Phil Collins

Craft: Paper Cutting

Run in with a celebrity: Unfortunately no run-ins in person but got some love on my blog and instagram celebs including Lang Leav, a poet I really enjoy

Art: Wyland.... reminds me of my childhood

Indulgence: Margot Elena box, Sour Gal wine, Wensleydale cheese with cranberries

Tea: I've been on more of coffee kick again, Donut Shop Vanilla Cream Puff is my current fav

Meal: Poke, Okinamoyaki, and mochi donuts... all in Waikiki

Concert: Phil Collins

Destination: Oahu, Hawaii - the North Shore