Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A few things....

Some ramblings about life ....

I have a cold.  Not a terrible cold. Just an annoying stuffy head and uncontrollable sneezing cold. 

I made art this weekend.  Actually I made guest room wall decor. 

Scrapbook paper.  Owls.  Record frames.  Kate Bush and Heart on Spotify.  2 hours of bliss. 

We also cleaned the house, watched Home Alone (in which Tori almost peed her pants with laughter), Christmas shopping, Illuminations at Botanica (Christmas lights), drove around looking at lights sipping hot chocolate, made a gingerbread house,  did homework, paid bills, went grocery shopping, gave self a pedicure and a long bath.... and still managed to make my owl art.  Who am I?

It was like I got this huge surge of energy and did so much yet felt like I actually had a long weekend.  I could take more of these.  Perhaps I owe it to Danielle LaPorte's Desire Map.  I'm working on the Audio and Worksheets and I love it.  It is all about understanding why you chase the goals you chase and gaining a deeper understanding of what motivates you and then turning that into real actions not lofty goals that leave you feeling empty at the end -- accomplished or not.

I find my attitude about work has also improved.  I am still fairly miserable in Corporate America but I find that I am more eager to walk away at the end of the day... not so eager to give it all my blood, sweat, and tears. So I'll call that progress for now.

I am currently inspired.  To do what you may ask?   I'm inspired to live more simply and in the present.  Not everything needs to be about tomorrow (or yesterday).

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