Sunday, September 22, 2013


What's better than a lazy basset hound laying at your feet? 
2 lazy bassets laying at your feet.

And that's what I now have.  Saturday we adopted Molly from the Humane Society.  She's a special needs basset as she has Addison's disease and needs a monthly shot to live.  Outside of the shot, she should leave a pretty normal life.

Mable and Molly met at the Humane Society before we adopted her and were instant friends.  Molly is four years older than Mable but still has quite a bit of energy.  She's quite a bit shorter than Mable but very similar in behavior.  Mable is a little jealous but seems to be adjusting.  She's especially loving all the wrestling and playing that Molly loves to do. 

Grimm (the cat) doesn't seem too worried about Molly either.  It's almost like we've had her for years and it's only day 2.  I have to admit I was on the fence a bit just because of what another dog means... additional expense, more dog smell, more dog hair... but I am pleased with the decision and so glad that we could help Molly out.

Here's Molly - freshly bathed and a new bandana.

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