Sunday, June 8, 2014

Poppin' Cookin' Afternoon

We've had a lot going on lately and haven't been doing a lot of projects at home.  This afternoon the girls and I took a timeout and sat down to do some DIY candy kits.

Poppin' Cookin' Takoyaki - This is a savory kit.  Takoyaki are round balls the consistency of a pancake with octopus tentacles baked in, coated in a sweet soy sauce and mayo. This kit is one of the new ones by Kracie and we were a bit hesitant but it was actually fine.  In general, a little octopus never scared us... in fact we like it.

The kit comes with a tray (I've cut it up into the 5 parts including a water cup), a mayo powder, takoyaki sauce powder, batter powder, octopus powder, a spoon for mixing, and a toothpick for turning over takoyaki balls.
First, you mix up the octopus powder with one cup of water.  You use the mold to make 8 tentacles. 
Next, you mix the batter powder with 2 cups of water and evenly distribute the batter into the takoyaki mold.  Add the tentacles to the top of the batter.  Microwave the takoyaki for approximately 30 seconds.  I closely watched these so they wouldn't burn.  They puffed up a lot.

Once they are done, you make the takoyaki sauce and mayo.  Takoyaki sauce powder is mixed with 1 cup of water until fully incorporated.  The mayo sauce powder is mixed within the mayo packet itself and also needs 1 cup of water.  Once the mayo is mixed, you fold the top down 3 times.  You are ready to flip the takoyaki over using the toothpick.  After you've flipped them over (tentacles are on the bottom) you are ready to add the takoyaki sauce and mayo.  Spread the takoyaki sauce using the spoon and cut a corner of the mayo packet to the squeeze the mayo onto the top. 
Overall, these aren't bad.  People have compared the taste to a hotdog with a creamy, sweet sauce.  I'd agree.  This kit took about half an hour and was one of the more entertaining kits to do.

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