Friday, July 15, 2016

One Year Keto Anniversary - Progress in Pictures

This last week, I celebrated my one year anniversary on Keto. I have managed to lose 88 pounds in one year.  I can't believe I have stuck with it this long.  It has been a far easier journey than I ever thought it could be and I wouldn't change this last year for anything.  I am now far healthier and happier than I have been in a long time.  I have a bit still to go but even if I don't lose another pound, I am still so thankful for the progress I have made. 

Something that I think a lot of people struggle with when starting a diet like this when they have so far to go is just how daunting it feels to lose 50 - 100 - 150 pounds.  I think what people fail to realize is how much of a difference even 10 pounds makes.  I remember just starting last year and noticing within two weeks that I was already feeling better.  I hadn't lost much in those two weeks but I wasn't so sluggish or sleepy; my energy was way up.  I attribute a lot of gaining my life back to this lifestyle. I am far more active and want to get out and do things. I even attribute my desires to start side businesses and having success to it because I'm not tired all the time.  I now know a way that I can live and not be so dependent on sugars and carbs and that is a really freeing feeling.

I thought I would share some progress pics over the last year to show how far I have come. These early pics aren't so easy to share but this is real life.

July 2015
September 2015
October 2015
November 2015
December 2015
 January 2016
February 2016
 March 2016
May 2016
July 2016 
So what's next?  I'm going to continue to live a ketogenic lifestyle and continue to benefit from the weight loss. I'd like to lose another 40 pounds or so.  I actually revised my goal weight after I figured out how achievable it was and realizing how much better I feel. 
 A few things have changed in the last couple of months --
I have stopped tracking every thing I eat in MyFitnessPal.  I loved this app when I first started but as I got better at knowing how many carbs I was eating, I found it was tedious to keep tracking it.  I do recommend using an app to track if you are new to keto or any low-carb diet. 
I've allowed myself to be more lax with my carbs.  Now I'm not talking going crazy but I sometimes go over 20 net carbs a day and I'm ok with that. 
I've allowed myself to "cheat" when I plan for it. So far this has only been on vacation which is fine with me.  I don't need to "cheat" once a week, or month, or year.  All in moderation, if I want something bad enough, I can figure out a way to have it ... low-carb.


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