Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bad Blogger

I've been a bad blogger this last month.  It hasn't been for any reason in particular other than I've just been interested in other things.  Mostly cross-stitch projects and planning for renovations that I want to do to my house.  I thought I'd just do a life update over the last month and hopefully return to some more frequent posts this month.

My husband, my mom, and I all went and saw the band Heart in concert.  I've seen them before and while the concert wasn't bad, it wasn't as memorable as when they performed at the state fair a few years back.  They skipped over some favorites like "Magic Man" and "Never" which left me disappointed.  My mom and I did rock out to "Crazy On You" and it will be a great memory to hold onto.

Halloween wasn't so eventful this year.  We carved pumpkins but didn't make it out to any of our normal festivals like Cider Fest or Neewollah. We did do a Paranormal Investigation tour at Cowtown that was pretty fun.  Penny really got into it.

I mentioned house renovations and we have really been considering some major projects.  Last year we had the siding and roof replaced from storm damages the year prior.  We are now ready to take on having new tile installed and cabinets redone.  I'm still working on numbers and timing but hopefully in the next six months.

I got a nice raise at work and was cause for celebration.  My job is still going really well and I am thankful every day that I made the decision to leave my old job.

I am still doing keto.  93 lb down.  I have definitely slowed down on the numbers but my clothes are still getting larger day by day.  In fact, I've had to buy all new fall/winter clothes.  Nothing from last year remotely fit so I've been trying to get it weeded out of my house.  A closet with clothes that fit and isn't overwhelming is perfect.  I am refusing to overbuy clothing again. And I think I've really gotten better at buying things that are versatile and classic as I've repurchased.  I have no idea if I will drop further in sizes but I can hope!

I just finished reading, The Art of Not Giving a F*CK by Mark Manson.  It caught my eye because of the title and was pretty entertaining.  In general, it aligned to a lot of my thinking these days so was refreshing to read of someone else who had similiar ideas about life and how to be content with one's life.

Tori made the honor roll and is the top kid in 6th grade.  I'm so proud of that kid.  Such a smarty and so disciplined.

Josh and I celebrated 6 years of marriage. It wasn't an eventful year (no trips) but we did manage to take a day to see movie, Snowden, and grab some dinner. I really did luck out finding Josh and he is such a great partner to have in life.

Back in June I posted about starting to take Biotin and working on growing back thicker hair.  I am happy to report that I am now growing a ton of new hair.  I had taken some before pics that I lost when my phone died earlier this month but it has been crazy how much it has grown.  When I run my fingers back across my scalp, I feel all kinds of new hairs and i have curly baby hairs all around my hairline in the front.  The stuff works and I am really pleased with the results.

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