Sunday, August 12, 2012

True Blood: An Addiction

There aren't many shows that I get really excited for these days.  And I don't know that I've been been so into a show that I'd consider going to a Con just to meet some of the actors, writers, etc. until now.  I was late to the game with True Blood and started watching the show in 2011 via DVD.  A friend had recommended the show to me and even mentioned that there was a series of books written by which the show was based.  I made a mental note and went on watching back episodes of Lost, Super Natural, and Veronica Mars.  Then came the day when I needed a new show to watch.... so I thought, why not? 

I had no idea that the show was a southern gothic tale of vampires, witches, and other supernatural creatures.  Imagine my suprise when viewing the intro with its catchy tune by Jace Everett and realizing what kind of story was beig told.  I was immediately hooked.  Fast forward to now.  I'm caught up.  I finished Season 4 today and I want MORE!  Unfortunately, I've got a long wait ahead of me.  We don't have cable which means I'll be waiting for the DVDs once again...sigh.  I guess in the mean time, I'll just have work my way through all 4 seasons again.

I did try reading the Sookie Stackhouse books written by Charlaine Harris but just didn't get into them like I thought I would.  Maybe it's time to try them again to help tide me over.

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