Thursday, February 20, 2014

Oyatsu Box

I admit it.  I like getting presents in the mail.  Over the last 2 years, I've done a few box subscription services including Birch Box, Ipsy Bag, Goodies Box, and most recently Oyatsu Box.  I highly recommend Ipsy Bag but will save my review of them for another post.

Oyatsu Box is a monthly subscription service full of snacks all the way from Japan.   It is pricier than most at $25 per month (includes shipping).  I was a bit hesitant to pay that much but after my first box, I've found it well worth the money.  What is nice about Oyatsu Box is that they send you a description of each product on a one page print out that is written in English.

In my first box I received:
1) Dagashi Super Pack - This is really neat.  The pack is Doraemon themed and contains 10 kinds of candy.  Dagashi is classic Japanese snacks which I think of as similar to American penny candy.
2) Pokémon White Chocolate Puffs
3) Big Black Thunder - some sort of chocolate bar
4) Big Katsu - this is a little scary, something like a breadcrumb coated jerky stick... the husband will probably enjoy it.
5) Black Black Mints - something like a caffeinated altoid
6) Pocky Peach - love pocky so these should be good
7) Hi-Chew Pineapple - kind of like a bold starburst
8) Look Sparkling Lemonade Chocolate - not sure how I feel about chocolate and lemonade
9) Russian Roulette Gum - 3 pieces of tricky gum, two sweet and one insanely sour
10) One Piece Gum & Poster - Based on the One Piece Anime series. 
11) Kit Kat Strawberry - I've tried these before and super yummy
Overall, really impressed and the girls and I will surely have fun trying out new snacks. 

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