Thursday, March 27, 2014



1. Going on day 3 of no voice due to dreadful Kansas allergies.
2. Allowing my sweet pup to lay in bed with me because sometimes I just need to cuddle my dog.
3. Sad that WSU basketball is over for the season.  It was fun while it lasted.
4. Needing to buy a new car but so not into car shopping.
5. Working on building my online store when I have time. And trying to find suppliers - how could it be THAT hard?!?!
6. Playing with my new bamboo drawing tablet and pretending I'm an artist.
7. Needing to book our family vacation but struggling to commit to Disney World (again) or come up with something better.
8. Saw the movie, Divergent - surprisingly good as the book.
9. In need of a haircut and brow wax... badly.
10. Wanting to make my own Boba Tea.  Even with all the ingredients at home, still not motivated enough to spend the time.

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