Thursday, February 4, 2016

Business Trip and Keto

I'm headed to Minnesota for work next week.  I've been up to Minneapolis quite a bit lately.  I hope that I get some time explore more this time.  Last trip I had time but MN was hit by a snow storm as soon as I arrived so I really wasn't wanting to get out in all that any more than I had to.  The prior trip, I did manage to make it to the Mall of America. It was in the evening and I really didn't get much of a chance to look around.  I know that they have a Kawaii store in the mall so I hope to make it there to check it out this time.  I am getting myself prepared for travel by making sure I have some keto-approved snacks/treats to take with me just in case. 

My favorites to travel with are:  Quest Bars, Tea Bags, Mio (flavor for my water which is what I drink at the hotel), Jerky, Slim Jims, sugar-free sweetener (to add to tea, etc.) and Tuna packets.  The last may sound a little strange but if I need something with more substance, the new flavored tuna packs are great.  Just tear them open and eat with a fork.  My favorites that I've tried thus far are Mexican, Deli Salad, and Ranch.

As far as eating out goes, I try to find places that I know I can eat dinner and stay on track.  For breakfast I usually eat at the hotel and stick to eggs and bacon.  For lunch, there is a great cafeteria in the building that has a lot of options -- salad bar, burgers, grilled chicken, even some green veggie sides.  They also have a deli section with cheese, chicken salad, peanut butter, and such.

The area I travel to really doesn't have a lot of options close by for dinner. Last time I found a sub place called Jersey Mike's where they did a "sub in a tub" which was great.  In fact, it would be really great if sub places in Wichita took the hint!  Boston Market is always a safe bet too since they have meat & green veggies.  I'm not limited budget-wise on dinner but I do have a hard time sitting in a restaurant by myself so I will sometimes find a place that does call in to-go or delivers to the hotel.  Looking ahead and having a plan always help so I try to have some backups planned if I get in a tough situation.

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