Sunday, March 20, 2016

40 Bags Declutter Update 3

So you may be wondering with all my travel, have I completely fallen off the wagon on my decluttering initiative?  Certainly not.  In fact, I kept Ebay sales going while I was gone with help of my husband and have made good use of my weekend time.

Accomplishments this last week -

Clean out of the oldest child's closet and dresser.  She's a get it over with kind of kid so we knocked out clothing and shoes.  And unfortunately, she fits in very little from last Spring or Summer.  Sigh.

Started clean out of youngest child's dresser and tried on hand me downs from older sister.  Unfortunately some of the hand me downs are too small already.  She's a kid who needs to progress in stages.  10 minutes work for 10 hours of leisure.  We may get through her stuff in a year.

Clean out of youngest daughters desk.  This was a nightmare area because she is the Artist in the family and needs lots of supplies and keeps lots of her art.  Oldest daughter is naturally a neater human being so we will not have to do the same with her desk.

Clean out of shoe closet.  This is where we all dump our shoes on the main floor.  Very little was kept and you can now see the carpet in the closet floor.

I have sold 47 items on Ebay thus far earning $329.00 since January.  Not too shabby.  Little girls dresses that were hardly worn have sold the best.  Josh has sold a few older computers as well not included in this total.

Upcoming Declutter Plans -

More clean out of my closet.  This is mostly now due to the fact that clothes that fit two months ago are now too big and I do not want to keep them.

Garage.  My husband has no clue this is on the agenda but it's coming up real soon.

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