Thursday, March 17, 2016

Blood Sugar Validation

Sometimes when I am on Keto, I worry that I may have been knocked out of ketosis by accidentally eating something that had more carbs than I realized. Keto strips no longer work for me because I have been on keto so long. The only way to really test this is by doing a blood test.  This last week I was able to test my blood sugar with a Glucometer to check my blood sugar. If my blood sugar was on the low end then I would know that my body is burning fat instead of sugar.  Now I had only eaten a package of jalapeno tuna for lunch and I tested myself after 5 PM so I expected it to be lower than normal but I wasn't prepared for a blood sugar reading of 60.  60 is pretty low, in fact it could be dangerously low.  So I promptly ate something to help.  But I also felt good that the actions I have been taking, including eating out while traveling, are still impacting my body the way I want them to be.  I have so many family members who have battled or still battle Diabetes, I never ever want to put myself in that situation and knowing that I can control is by diet is a nice feeling. 

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  1. My blood sugar has stabilized using the keto diet. Before keto I would have low blood sugar episodes. One day at work my boss made me take my blood sugar because I felt very weak and was pale and clammy and it was 22! I don't have any lows like that eating this way, its great!