Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hobby + Hound Jaws Dot-to-Dot

I grew up loving dot-to-dot puzzles.  I remember a large book of them that I did at my babysitter's house when I was younger.  When I completed the book, I was very sad.  Back then, you always finished coloring books and puzzle books before you got something new.  While in a bookstore recently I came across a book, Dot-to-Dot for Grown-ups which is full of cool and complicated puzzles.  I have been working on the book every now and again before bed but realized it could make a cool video, almost therapeutic to watch if recorded and sped up to music.  So I shudder to admit that I messed up on a couple of them before I got one to record all the way through without errors. 

This Dot-to-Dot is the Jaws movie poster from when the original film was released.  I did it with a ruler (a My Melody ruler no less!) to get sharp edges and a clean picture.

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