Sunday, June 5, 2016

Biotin for Hair Strengthening

I have had trouble with thin hair for at least the last ten years if not longer.  Around my early twenties, I noticed that I started losing hair.  I have a family history of thinning hair and I also have family history of light Trichotillomania.  Those items as well as a high-stress lifestyle have made it really difficult to grow a thick head of hair. 

On both sides of my family, there is male-patterned-baldness that began in the men early on in their lives. I actually don't remember my dad ever having a whole head of hair although pictures say he once did.  I am probably the worst case of Trichotillomania in my family (most of them just over pluck their eyebrows, something I never have struggled with).  Trichotillomania, often referred to as Trich, is pulling your hair out on purpose. I developed this habit years ago. When I was anxious, I would run my hands through my scalp.  I already have very fragile hair so doing this over and over and over caused my hair to fall out. I now have a pretty thin crown around the top of my head. It requires me to apply sunscreen if I am going to be outside for awhile, invest in volumizing products to amplify the thickness of my hair, and to wash my hair daily to keep it from looking so thin. I am better these days but when anxious I have to make a conscious choice to keep my hands away from my head.

I decided to start taking Biotin supplements by Vitafusion a couple of months ago to see if it would help with strengthening my hair and nails. In the past, I have tried a lot of special shampoos and treatments without much luck.  I am not a fan of pills so when I found Biotin gummies, I thought I could probably stick to it.  I just finished my first bottle and I can tell a difference in my hair growth. The hair isn't necessarily thicker (not sure I am getting any new growth) but the hair I do have has grown faster and my nails are definitely stronger.  I have also noticed less hair in my hair brush after brushing my hair out so it must be doing something.  I think I'll keep at it, it certainly isn't hurting!

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