Tuesday, June 7, 2016


We have been contemplating taking our family vacation to ComiCon in San Diego for a couple of years now but have been hesitant to do so, not sure if the girls would tolerate the walking, the sitting, and listening... and be as interested as we were in going.  While in Orlando a couple of weeks ago, we learned that MegaCon was going on the same weekend that we were visiting.  We checked out the guests list and were surprised that so many people we liked were also attending.  We had an extra day that we figured we would end up at Disney's Magic Kingdom but instead used it to attend MegaCon.  We figured it would give us a good idea if ComiCon was something we would want to do in the future. 

MegaCon didn't disappoint.  It was far larger than I imagined it would be.

It was also incredibly geeky and loads of fun.  The girls were disappointed that they hadn't packed costumes but still had blast. 

One of my favorite actors (and celebrity crush), John Cusack was there:

Walking Dead actors Lennie James (Morgan) and Tom Payne (Jesus) were also there! Norman Reedus (Darryl) was planned but ended up not making it.  I wasn't going to spend $80 to meet these actors but I certainly would have to meet Darryl!

Also in attendance were Curtis Armostrong (Revenge of the Nerds & Supernatural), Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid), and George Takei.

Also in attendance were tons of Comic writers and illustrators. Some favorites for everyone in my family.

The creator of the The Crow

My Little Pony comic is a favorite with my youngest
There was a ton of vendors including Anime / Manga / and Kawaii.  I especially liked looking at the indie Kawaii brands -- Tasty Peach Studios and Lucky Squid Studios reminded me a lot of what I am doing with Kawaiian Island.
There was lots of Cosplay going on -- Lots of Deadpools, Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, Pok√©mon, Steam Punk, Star Wars, Star Trek, Walking Dead, Little Twin Stars (!), etc. 

In the end, she had to get some kitty gear to join in on the cosplay.

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