Sunday, May 8, 2016

Birthday Festivities

My family did a great job of making sure I had a special day Saturday for my Birthday.

Saturday morning, Josh and I headed out to Vintage Market Days.  We had a good time looking for decorating ideas for our house and yard.  There were a few things that I liked but nothing I had to have.  This minimalism stuff is no joke, game changer when it comes to thinking through making purchases. 

After VMD we headed to Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast.  We went a few more places just browsing for home d├ęcor.  While out and about I did learn that our local Fresh Market is closing.  Sniff, sniff, I love that place...much better than Whole Foods. 

I spent the afternoon working on my tapestry weaving that I will be posting about separately soon (and video) and taking a short nap with my pups. 

For dinner my family and my mom headed to Red Lobster.  Red Lobster is one of the few seafood options we have in Wichita and I love how many keto options I have there.  For dessert, my husband made me a homemade keto-friendly cheesecake.  It was so, so good.  I mean so good that I think it was actually better than Cheesecake Factory Low-Carb Cheesecake.  I plan to do a post with the recipe coming soon as well.

I also got a few gifts from my family including dinner (thanks mom!). 

I only recently discovered Vicenzo Leather bags a month or so ago.  I have recently been selling off a lot of old bags that I no longer use but did recognize that I don't have a small cross body for using on trips and walking around theme parks (something coming soon in my future).  Josh got me the Ella  camel colored cross body bag and I love it.  It is the perfect size to carry a phone, wallet, tickets, and basic necessities. It also has an long adjustable strap which is perfect for me as I have a longer torso and many times straps are too short for me. It will be great to use this summer, I may even try swapping it out as my every day bag... if I can minimize my day to day needs in a purse.

I have mentioned that I have really started getting back into rocks and minerals.  I had been wanting a druzy necklace and my girls picked one out for me.  Again, I love it.  Perfect for me.  The colors are versatile and I love the gold.  Mine was purchased locally but here is another beautiful one I found online.

I also received tons of texts and Facebook messages which I appreciated so much.  All in all it was a great day and I feel very lucky to have such a great family and friends.

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