Friday, May 13, 2016

Botanical Style

Maybe it is the change of the season, maybe it has come with age (my mama certainly was blessed with a green thumb in her thirties) or maybe it is just my normal wandering mind. I love decorating my home (inside and out) with plants.  I remember when I was younger going to the garden center with my mom (again) and looking at all the flowers.  She had her favorites -- pansies, petunias, tiger lilies, portulaca, canna lilies, crocus, morning glories, lilac, daffodils, lily of the valley, and who could forget, magnolias!  Oh man, she and my dad loved their magnolia trees. They loved them so much that they would spend hours driving around on vacation with two little girls in the backseat of the car commenting over and over how much they love the magnolia trees. Magnolia. Magnolia. Magnolia.  I'm obviously still traumatized. And now I admit, I love magnolia trees... like mother, like daughter.

For Mother's Day my girls got me a new book, Botanical Style: Inspirational decorating with nature, plants, and florals by Selina Lake.  This book is gorgeous. I love how the style of the book mixes botanicals with vintage.  There are ideas for kitchens, family rooms, outdoor spaces, and offices.

It is packed full of succulents and cactus!

I love the different way that the flowers and plants are displayed, using old bottles, tubs, and jars.

I also love the botanical artwork that is hung in the rooms. I especially love vintage botanical charts.  I have a few in my bedroom that hang above my bed. 

My favorite way to decorate with plants is against natural woods and white. Especially next to my white owls... I might have a thing for white owl statues too. If you are looking for some botanical decorating ideas, this book is awesome.

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