Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The End of Another School Year

This year flew by fast.  I'll admit not quite as fast as prior years due to the fact that I was present this year and able to participate more in activities with the girls.  The entire last week of school felt like one big party for the girls, not that they minded.

The end of the school year was celebrated with the 5th grade trip to Rock Springs, 3rd grade Shark Dissection, Field Day for both girls, and 5th Grade Graduation for Tori.  I feels like not so long ago she was headed out to her first day of Kindergarten and now Elementary school is behind her.  I am excited for next year and all the activities she will be able to participate in at Middle School.  She's definitely excited about the technology classes and while she would like to join the music program, they don't offer anything for guitar which is what she has been playing through private lessons for well over a year now.   I'll just leave you with these photos of the our last couple of weeks closing out the school year.

5th grade and 3rd grade, in the books.

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