Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tropical Tea Party

I belong to a family of tea lovers.  It may have started with my grandfather who had a love for his iced tea year round but generation by generation the love has spread.  My niece, in particular, loves her a tea party.  Over the last couple of years she has thrown tea parties at grandma's house while visiting. My girls and I always join and have as she would say, "a jolly good time."

The theme this last weekend was a Tropical Tea Party complete with grass skirts, leis and tropical décor.  The dogs (well at least Kofi) even tolerated the tea party for awhile.

We had Coral Pies (mini-strawberry pies), Seafoam cakes (mini-keto-friendly cheesecakes), fruit salsa and cinnamon-sugar chips, and white chocolate meringues to go the with tea.

The tea was the highlight for sure.  We had Pina Colada Carmen Miranda from Chelmsford Tea and it was so nice.  It steeps to a vibrant pinky red color and tastes so summery. You could easily drink it without any sweetener.  We all loved it.

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