Saturday, January 16, 2016

40 Bags Declutter Update

Well it has been one week since I started the challenge and I thought I would give some updates:

Items that I have added to the donate pile -  easily over 100 items

Items that I have listed on Ebay and sold - 22

Amount I made this last week on Ebay - $140  ( I really wasn't thinking it would amount to that much so this is quite a surprise)

Number of items I pulled out of the donate/sell piles:  1 ( I realized I am now small enough to fit into some really cute jeans that had already been in a pile for the last several months,  Score!)

Accomplishments this week - Night stands, Jewelry, Purses

Goal for this upcoming week - Master Bedroom dressers (will close out the bedroom as complete), the husbands closet, list another 10 items

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