Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bulletproof Coffee and Fasting

Bulletproof coffee was really popular last year.  I saw recipes for it everywhere (facebook, pinterest, etc.) but didn't understand it was keto-related until I started the diet. 

Bulletproof coffee is coffee with coconut oil and butter added.  Sounds weird, right?  I thought so too but it didn't stop me from trying it. 

To make: In the blender add your cup of hot coffee, 1T of coconut oil, 1T of kerrygold butter, any sugar free flavors and artificial sweeteners that you want. Blend until frothy and then enjoy. To me, it tastes great.  It has a coconutty flavor which I happen to like. 

So why do people on keto drink bulletproof coffee?  To aid in filling full and to allow them to fast for longer.  First, fat fills you up. So drinking fat as part of your coffee in the AM suppresses your appetite. I never feel hungry come lunch time when I have been drinking bulletproof coffee. 

Fasting is something that a lot of people on keto do.  The idea is that you eat all your food within a small window of time thus allowing your to burn more fat in between meals.  People already get a pretty good fast during the hours they are sleeping but people have had really good results using bulletproof coffee to extend that time to after lunch time.  I've read about many people fasting and only eating between 2-7 PM other than drinking the coffee.  I have never tried to do this but have unintentionally done it when drinking the coffee;  I have lost weight steady enough without fasting.  Perhaps if I plateau or something I would try.  I drink the coffee mostly to get my fats in the for the day and to help me curb cravings early on.  If you haven't given it a try, I highly recommend it, especially if you are a coffee drinker.

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