Sunday, January 17, 2016

Random Cash & Couponing

I love saving money.  I'm not cheap but I like holding onto as much money as I can.  Over the years, I have found various waves to save or make money on the side that I thought I would share in one big ol' post.  All of these methods work and I have received discounts, giftcards, or money in my bank and/or paypal account for using.

Ebates:  You can sign up here and earn me a $25 referral for using this link!
Ebates is a site you use to link you to the site you want to shop at. To use you simply search for the site you were wanting to shop at, i.e. Macys, Old Navy, Ulta, Zulily... the list goes on and on. You get a certain % cash back just by clicking on the link from the Ebates site.  If I am going to shop online anyway, I may as well get the cash back.  It is important to note that you need to not open a new shopping page for that store without going through the first page you open.  Otherwise your traceability is lost and you will have to email Ebates to get your cashback credit vs. being automatically credited.  What is great about this site is that you can still use other discounts or promotions with it. Occasionally stores I shop at will give me as high as 10-20% cash back.  I booked through using Ebates link and got back 20% last February!  Ebates pays you once a quarter and will automatically deposit your cashback into your account.  I earned $200 last year just using this site...

Swagbucks :
This is a site similar to Ebates but also allows you to earn points for doing other activities besides shopping such as watching videos and answering questions.  I haven't done much video watching or answering questions but there are some different stores from what is offered on Ebates so I use this when that happens.  Points can be turned in for rewards which are gift cards and cash deposits.

RetailMeNot: This is a promotional code/coupon site.
Want to find the codes to save you money? This is the place to search for coupons.  Again, if I am already shopping online, I may as well look for a discount code.  You simply search for the store you are shopping at and you will discount codes that you can enter as you check out.  I've saved 40% on clothing, gotten free shipping, the list goes on.  Using RetailMeNot codes plus Ebates can equal great savings.

Google Opinion Rewards:
You can download in the Google Play Store to download on your phone.  I like free stuff in the form of music, movies, games, and books.  I have this downloaded on my phone and get an invitation to complete a quick survey and earn money to spend in the Google Play store.  I haven't paid for music or games in months! Amounts you earn vary but I have found it very easy to use.

Surveys on the Go:
You can download in the Google Play or iTunes store.  This site has a great interface and allows you to answer surveys and earn cash. Once you build up $10 you can redeem it and have it deposited to your Paypal account.  These surveys are very quick and easy to navigate.

iPoll is another survey site and application.  You can download the app as well.  This has the ongoing readily available surveys to take.  I save this one for when I am watching tv or have time to kill.  At any time I can find at least $10 in surveys that I can take.  Like Surveys on the Go you need to earn $10 before you can redeem it.  You can get gift cards, cashback or even make a donation. 

If you use this link to sign up, you'll get $10 and I'll get $5, win-win!
This is an app that you can download on your phone.  It is a Rebate or Cashback program.  You unlock things you plan to buy on your normal shopping trips to the store.  Stores like Target, Costco, QT, Walmart, CVS, Kmart, etc.  After you purchase the item, you go home and scan the bar code and then scan you receipt as proof that your purchased it.  You then earn cash back for whatever the rebate offer was for that item.  I think this is great for grocery store items that you were going to buy anyway.  If you are a coupon person, this still works with coupons so it is like double the savings! 

To be honest, I don't think I could shop without these tools.  I have trained myself to make the most of my time and use all my saving resources. I would say I've saved/earned over $500 this year using these tools as I think of it... not bad for minimal effort.

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