Thursday, January 21, 2016

Weekend Recap

The weekend is already over and we are off to another week of work.  It looks like we may get some winter weather this week which I'll admit, I'm not sad about!

This last weekend we were productive and did some fun things as well. On Friday we went to a Pokémon Birthday party and had a good time.  The little boy (he's 3) that the party was for was so excited when he opened a blister pack of Shopkins, he couldn't put them down the entire evening... even as he was opening presents he had to keep checking that they were right next to him.  It was hilarious.

The girls were anxious to spend some Christmas and Birthday money so we did a little shopping on Saturday.  They are both really into Tsum Tsums so they each bought a couple. We did some house cleaning and then settled in to watch The Martian in 3D.  Josh and Tori really liked it.  I thought it was ok and Penny just wasn't having it.  It was a bit long.  I'm not a Matt Damon fan in general but did feel it was more entertaining than Castaway where Tom Hanks was left stranded for years.  Matt Damon seemed less crazy and was far more entertaining. 

On Sunday we relaxed and the girls caught up on their video game playing until 4.  We went to a tea party hosted by my niece at Grandma's house.  It was fun and the tea was yummy.  We don't have any really great tea places here but Chelmsford Tea does have some nice ones.  I tried the Apple Pie one but it was kind of bland.  My favorite was the Pumpkin Chai but I am a sucker for pumpkin and chai.  We were served little sandwiches and desserts.  I didn't eat anything other than the mini-keto cheesecakes made especially for me. Sunday evening I spent decluttering my jewelry and getting another group of listings put up for Ebay.  And then I stayed up way too late reading as per usual.

All in all.. a good weekend.

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