Thursday, January 14, 2016

Disney Movie Rewards and DVD replacement

I thought I would share some cool things I learned this last year about Disney DVDs and BluRays.

Last summer my family was working on getting our basement set up as a theater room.  We decided to use two large DVD shelving systems to organizer all of our movies.  As we were alphabetizing the movies, I noticed that one of the Disney DVDs has some flyer in it about Disney Movie Rewards.  I hadn't heard of it so I pulled it up on my phone and realized that this is a rewards program that Disney have when you buy certain Disney products including DVDs, CDs, and movie tickets.  We had a ton of Disney movies so I signed up for an account and started entering Magic Codes (usually found on flyer on an insert in the cover of a DVD).  Disney will also use Facebook and other sites to give away free Magic Codes every now and again.  These codes equal points and as you accumulate points you can redeem them for Disney items.  Pretty cool.  I also realized that there are a lot of movies made by Disney that I wasn't aware of.  The site gave me a list and I started pulling out movies like National Treasure as well.  That day, we earned something like 3000 points.  We then started browsing the site for what we could get and were able to redeem the points for some more movies (which came with more rewards!) We added Aristocats and Rescuers Down Under initially to our collection.  Later we added Little Mermaid (a replacement for our bad copy).  There are several other rewards you can get from artwork to stuffed animals. The girls really like getting to pick out their award each time we build up points. 

Another thing I learned about at the same time was Disney's DVD Disc Replacement Program.  Disney will replace a broken or damaged DVD for $6.95 per DVD or $8.95 per BluRay.  This is a great deal because the girls definitely didn't do such a great job handling the discs when they were younger so we are able to replace those beat up discs for new ones.  To take advantage of the disc replacement program you go to their site and download a form that you complete and mail it with the damaged disc (not the case) and payment.  They will then send you a replacement disc that you can put into the case you already have.  We have had one mishap happen when we sent in Little Mermaid and Disney refused to replace.  It turns out that the disc was a bootleg copy!  We had no idea.  It was purchased on Amazon and we really couldn't tell any different.