Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Vitamin B12

A few years ago I was doing a weight loss program under the direction of a doctor where I was prescribed multiple things to help me lose weight.  I was taking something to suppress my appetite, another to keep the water at bay, and another to burn fat.  The combination did work over the few months that I did it but it was really expensive and not sustainable for me.  So I stopped at 3 months and put the weight back on and then some.  The one thing that I did find to be a long term benefit was the fat burner... which was nothing more than B12.  B12 is a vitamin that can aid in the burning of fat and after a couple of months on keto, I added it to my routine.  B12 should go into your blood system as quickly as possible so many people will get B12 injections.  I'm not one for needles and I knew that there were over the counter sublingual B12 vitamins I could take.  I currently take one tablet of 1000 mcg of KAL B12.  It is in ActivMelt form allowing it to dissolve instantly when I hold it under my tongue for a minute.  I purchased these at Nature's Grocer but assume you can find at any natural food stores or drugstores.

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