Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ketone Strips?

For those who are just starting on a keto, they may want to verify that they are in ketosis.  Ketone strips or sticks are one way to do this.  When I first started, I used the strips to assure me that the steps I was taking were getting me to a state of ketosis.  The sticks are fairly easy to use.  You just stick a ketone stick in your urine stream for a quick second and wait for it to turn colors.  There is a guide on the side of the bottle that helps you read the strip.  Basically, if you see purple, you are in ketosis.  Some people think that the darker the purple the more you are in ketosis but this is actually not true.  The sticks measure ketones in your urine so if you are dehydrated, your sticks will show darker and if you are well hydrated they will show lighter.  I just tried to stay purple and all was good.  The sticks are about $10 and you can order them on Amazon. They do expire quickly so be prepared.  Also, after you have been on keto for awhile they don't work anymore.  It has to do with your body adapting to ketosis and no longer being able to detect the ketones.

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