Saturday, January 9, 2016

Joy: The Movie

For months I had been waiting to see the movie Joy that was to open on Christmas day in my town.  I like Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper (loved Silver Linings Play Book and Winter's Bone although my children are particular fond of the Hunger Games movies) so was looking forward to the latest flick.  And the name... surely it was meant to be.  Now something to note about my taste in movies.  I kind of like depressive open-ended, no real conclusion movies.  If they make me think or expose some ugly side of humanity... I like it even better.  So based on what I knew, I would love this film.  So on New Years Eve my husband took me to see it.  He actually had very little interest but because he loves me, he did.  It was the rags to riches story of a woman named Joy who became successful inventing products that were then sold on QVC.  So I know from that description, many people would already be scared off.  Not me.  Sounded right up my alley.  But it wasn't.  Even with actors like Robert DeNiro, it still wasn't good.  In fact, I found myself really disgusted with the characters.  And not my normal disgust where I may not like them but I can relate to them kind of way... just nothing.  I didn't like it.  I didn't find the morale.  I didn't find Lawrence's character to overcome her character struggle.  I felt nothing.  As we walked out of the movie my husband and I noted that we were then feeling a little down and melancholy.  I can't say I would recommend it to most people.  There is a certain sort that may enjoy it but they would have to like a downer film even more than me.

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